[RE]OpenGL Drivers and Headers

Posted: March 5, 2010 in 计算机与 Internet
Drivers needed to use OpenGL

Note: If you are not using Windows Visual C++ 6 then you may have to link the opengl library files to your project manually.

*Keep in mind, not all files here may be up to date, look for more recent version of glut, glew, glext and vbogl.*

DLL Files / Drivers

Include: glu32.dll, glut32.dll, glut.dll, opengl32.dll

Download SkyDriver

C++ Include Files

Include: GLU.H, GL.H, GLAUX.H, GL/GL.H, GL/GLAUX.H, GL/glext.h, GL/GLU.H, GL/glu_.h, GL/glut.h

Download SkyDriver

C++ Library Files

Include: GLAUX.LIB, OPENGL32.LIB, glut32.lib, glu32.lib

Download SkyDriver

All the Files in one Download (C++)

Include: All files mentioned above

Download SkyDriver




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